Best And Worst Times To Trade In The Forex Market

Did you know that you need to trade at specific times of the day in order to make a good profit? Here are some of the best and worst times to trade Forex:

Best Times To Trade

European-North American Overlap: this is the time when both the New York and London trading centers are open. During this time, you are able to trade using all the European currencies. The best time to trade is between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM in New York and between 8:00 Am and 20:00 AM in Frankfurt.

The best currencies to trade during this time are: USD/CHF, GBP/USD, EUR/USD. It’s also wise to go for any other currency pair involving the United States and an European nation.

Asian-European overlap: Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong overlap Frankfurt and London trading centers creating a great trading time. The best currencies to trade during this time are Japanese Yen and European Yen crosses.

Australian-Asian overlap: here the Australian and New Zealand markets overlap the Asian markets of Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. The best currencies to trade during this time are Australian and New Zealand dollars. You should also trade the crosses of these currencies. Great pairs that you should go for are: AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, AUD/JPY, NZD/USD, NZD/JPY and AUD/NZD.

The best time to trade is from 9:00 PM until Midnight as this is the time when Tokyo, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand markets are all open at the same time.

Worst Times To Trade

Just like there are the best times to trade, there are equally the worst times to trade. The worst times to trade include:

Thin markets: the New York market is the most active market and runs from 9:00 AM to 5 PM. When it closes, there are other markets in Australia and New Zealand that you can trade; however, they are very thin. The price spreads in these markets might widen a lot thus putting you at a higher risk of losing money.

After news breaks: political and economic news tend to create a whiplash effect in the Forex market thus making it impossible to tell the direction that the market will take. To avoid losing money, you should avoid trading immediately after news breaks. This is to enable you to first understand the direction of the market.


These are some of the best and worst times to trade in the Forex market. If you didn’t know, now you know, right?

Learn How to Optimize the Effects of Diet Pills

No one can really find out regardless of whether diet pills are efficient or not. A weight-loss medication may produce beneficial results, nevertheless the level of effectiveness could vary in every single user. Never stop targeting a healthier physique despite encountering this setback. So long as you remain determined, there’s still hope.

So as to experience all the benefits of diet pills, experts advise users to take it as prescribed (you may read more at  phentermine reviews articles ). Unfortunately, not all consumers are aware of this. But thanks to this article, you’ll know what you can do so that when you take almost any diet pills, you’ll get the results you will need.

Pay attention to Your Physician’s assistance

As you may read here, Using diet pills would entail some kind of special factors. If the ingredients of the pills that you’re using isn’t suitable for your issue, then it’s not likely to produce positive results. Listen to your physician’s guidance regardless of if the diet pill is appropriate for the condition. In addition to that, being able to ask questions in your doctor will help you to find a healthy way to shed weight. By doing this, you’ll learn important tips on achieving a healthier body.

Make time to Read the Box of the Diet Pills

People cannot get anything good for some pills because they don’t know the instructions of taking it. Pills differ from one another; some must be taken with water while others before eating anything. Make it a habit to read the instructions in the box because it is important. With these, you’ll have greater chances of slimming down.

Drink the right Amount of Water

The diet pills could produce the weight-loss effect that it assured to give you. Several users are unhappy even after they lost weight because of the dehydrated look on their face. Most users experienced frequent urination and sweating after using the diet pills. It’s anticipated that you’ll become dehydrated if you’ll simply ignore this. Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water of juice daily, in order to avoid severe health conditions. With this fact, shedding weight haven’t been this healthy.

Exercise and Eat Healthy Foods

Bear in mind that this goal attaining a healthier physique is probable if you include constant exercise and proper diet in your weight loss regimen. Remember that diet pills are just one of the numerous factors in reducing your weight. You must conduct even just a basic physical exercise to get sweaty. Pick veggies and fruits and avoid consuming any junk food.

The body that you’ve been dreaming about is within your reach especially now that you already have a thought on how to take diet pills the right way. Don’t just stand there and wait! Try them and find a better you after.


Financial Reporting and Tax Reporting

Important to Know: Financial Reporting and Tax Reporting

I always enjoy having this discussion, the differences between financial reporting and tax reporting. Tax planning does not have to damage financial presentation as the small business can have the best of both worlds. What’s not to like when taxes are minimized while demonstrating solid financial statements that will impress lenders.

Let’s start with a very basic discussion of accounting methods. Financial reporting will use the accrual method most normally which recognizes revenue when earned and expenses when incurred. There will be accounts receivable and accounts payable on the balance sheet and earnings on the income statement will include the effects of each of these accounts. Using the accrual method for income tax reporting will likely cause the highest possible income and the highest tax exposure.

The accounting method usually most favorable for income tax purposes relates to the cash basis. The cash basis method of accounting recognizes revenue when cash is actually received and expenses when paid. This will allow a business to escape paying taxes on large receivables in the current year postponing to the following year when funds are actually collected. It is not an uncommon strategy for a small business to pay down it’s cash balance to the extent there are accounts payable. Remember, expenses are recognized when paid under this method of accounting so paying incurred expenses will create a deduction for income tax purposes.

For purposes of this discussion, let’s discuss one other difference regarding financial reporting and tax reporting. This major difference would involve the acquisition of fixed assets. Fixed assets would be machinery and equipment or office equipment such as desks and computers. Let’s suppose that on July 1st of 2015, a business buys $25,000 in computers. The computers will last for five years. For financial reporting purposes, a depreciation expense in the amount of $5,000 will be taken each year. For the first year in 2015, a depreciation deduction in the amount of $2,500 will be charged against income as the asset was acquired and placed in service midyear. For income tax purposes, current tax law allows for the immediate expensing of up to $25,000 of fixed assets placed in service during the year. Therefore, there is now available an additional depreciation deduction for tax purposes in the amount of $22,500 ($25,000 les $2,500).

Nothing brings home the point of a discussion better than an example. Suppose a new small business started on January 1, 2015. For the year ending December 31, 2015, this business has a net income of $47,500 for financial reporting purposes. This includes accounts receivable of $50,000, accounts payable of $25,000, and depreciation of $2,500 on $25,000 of computers purchased on July 1st of the same year. Should this business pay tax on $47,500? What if this business elects to use the cash basis method of accounting for income tax reporting? If it does, the conversion from the accrual to cash basis method will involve reducing net income by $50,000 in accounts receivable as the business has not received these earnings in cash. However, net income will have to be increased by $25,000 for the accounts payable balance. This group of expenses has been incurred but remains unpaid at year end. Cash basis net income is now adjusted downward to $22,500. Don’t forget, this business can claim an additional depreciation of $22,500 if it elects to expense up to the permitted limit of $25,000. For tax purposes, taxable income is reduced to zero, legally. For Internal Revenue Service purposes, this small business simply needs to demonstrate how it got from the financial statement to the tax return.

Please remember, this example does not include a discussion of deferred income taxes that is the result of using different methods of accounting regarding financial reporting and tax reporting. This is a discussion reserved for later at a more advanced level. This discussion does illustrate that a small business can display it’s true financial position and results of operations while legally minimizing income tax exposure. It also serves to put the small business owner on alert that when someone asks to see a copy of the tax return to make a loan eligibility analysis, make sure to include a copy of the financial statement and be prepared to explain why they are different. This discussion will also serve to alert loan underwriters to ask for both financial statements and tax returns and to understand why they are different.

Simple Tips to Save Money On Groceries

A very important aspect of your financial plan should be to save money on groceries, as they tend to be one of the biggest expenditures of any family. All of us were already worried about recession and with inflation also on the rise it becomes very difficult to keep the budget under control. Your debt is already causing sleepless nights and the grocery bills add to the misery. Most families are shocked to see their grocery bills rising. What do you do? Is there a way you can win over inflation? Is there a financial plan to control the ever increasing prices? You are not alone, in this battle and we will help you get a plan in action to create a win-win situation. Here we go!

Don’t shop when you are hungry – Hungry and grocery shopping! Never do your groceries shopping when you are hungry as you tend to buy things that you don’t need. You will indulge in a lot of impulsive shopping.
Plan your meals – You should have a definite plan; you should know what you need and what you don’t. If you walk around the shop aimlessly, thinking about your meals, you will grab whatever you see. Try to do grocery shopping for the entire week.
Hunt for deals – Most grocery shops announce deals once every week and this could be advertised in the local newspaper. You could get very good deals on a specific day and this will help keep the cost down.
Store brands – Most customers are apprehensive of the store brands against reputed brands. Surprise! You will get better quality products of store brands and the prices are also very cheap.
Multiple item sales – Five items for just $30.00! It is one of the best marketing strategies available where a combination of products or multiple items are offered for sale. Most of us fall for this. Be careful and chose the deal wisely.
Coupons – You will be surprised to know that you can save money on groceries by cutting the coupons that are available in newspapers. Somehow not many of us do it nowadays. Maybe we tend to think of it as cheap. But every time you use these coupons you will save some dollars.
Discounts and frequent shoppers – There are a number of grocery chains that offer discounts to customers who are loyal to the chain and you can avail of such discounts and save valuable money.

“Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”. Every cent you save will add to your overall saving and using this money you can also slowly take care of your debt. You can trim the fat of your bill and save money on groceries if you plan it right.